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How clicker methods train your horse
Clicker training is a POSITIVE training tool. It teaches the horse what TO DO. By giving him something positive TO DO, we eliminate the behaviors we don’t want. Horses of all ages appreciate the clarity and positive outlook that clicker training brings to each lesson.

What can you teach with the Clicker? Anything you want!

Horses are never too young nor too old to learn about clicker training. Everyone can have a clicker super star!

The Click That Teaches  - changing forever the way we train horses
Everyone is a Trainer
Bring out your horse's best performance
A horse trainer is not just someone with years of experience. Everyone who works with horses is a trainer. Whenever you are with your horse, you are training him. You may think you are just leading your horse out to the paddock, but every interaction has training implications. Let clicker training help you build a great relationship and bring out the best performance in your horse.

The Click That Teaches  - changing forever the way we train horses
Clicker Training
Clicker training is a science-based training method. It traces its origins back to the work of B.F. Skinner. Karen Pryor, one of the early pioneers of marine mammal training, coined the term clicker training and helped expand the work into the broader training community. It is now well established as a leading force-free method for training species as diverse as dolphins, dogs, giraffes and even cats! And now clicker training is proving its value with horses. 

In this web site I will show you how to apply the principles and techniques of clicker training to horses. 

The Click That Teaches  - changing forever the way we train horses

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Alexandra Kurland is a pioneer and leading voice in the development of clicker training for horses. She is the author of "Clicker Training for Your Horse", "The Click That Teaches: A Step-By-Step Guide in Pictures", "The Click That Teaches: Riding with the Clicker", and "The Click That Teaches" video lesson series.

Ms. Kurland earned her degree from Cornell University where she specialized in animal behavior. She has been teaching and training horses since the mid-1980's. A pioneer in the development of humane training methods, Ms. Kurland began clicker training in the early 1990's. She very quickly recognized the power of clicker training for improving performance, for enhancing the relationship people have with their horses, and for just plain putting fun back into training.

Today through her books, videos, clinics, and many articles, she has become a leading voice in the development of clicker training in the horse community. This site is dedicated to her work. It contains a step-by-step introduction to clicker trainingtraining articlesclinic schedulesclicker resources and much much more. Have fun exploring the dynamic world of clicker training!

Setting the Standard in Horse-Friendly Training!

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What you'll find in this web site:

An Introduction to Clicker Training: A short training guide 

The Panda Project Reports: Training a miniature horse to be a guide for the blind

The Clicker Blog: Archived posts by Alexandra Kurland from the Click_That_Teaches on-line discussion forum

Clinic Schedule and Course Information

Training ArticlesBook Reviews, and Clicker Stories

The Clicker Store: providing a detailed clicker training program

Great Videos and Photos sharing the Clicker Experience

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Changing forever the way we train horses.
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I love my horses.    I love watching them.    I love caring for them.  
The laughter, the understanding, the joy of horses is I want to share with you through this web site.  

What is clicker training? Simply put, it is communication - clear, positive, horse-friendly.  With the click we're saying "Wow! You got it right!".  It is a "yes! answer" that opens the doors to shared understanding.  

Want to learn more?  Read on . . .  

Enjoy this web site and HAVE FUN with clicker training!
 I love sharing my day with them.    I love riding them. 
For all these reasons, this is why I clicker train.
Alexandra Kurland
Kate Graham and her wonderful 
horse, Lucky, enjoying the canter 
in-hand.  A simple touch on his 
neck keeps them both connected.

Panda is a guide horse for her blind owner.  Read about her training in the Panda Project reports.
Julie Varley's mare, Allie expresses so perfectly the beauty, balance, and grace that are hallmarks of a clicker-trained horse.
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Sept. 2, 2016 is LAUNCH DAY!  I am delighted to announce that there is now a German language version of the on-line course.  For details visit:

What's New
​I have written a new book called JOY Full Horses. I have decided to publish it first in my blog.  To read the book visit:
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What's coming up?
The cool fall weather means it's time for clinics!  I'll be traveling to California, Arkansas, Germany, and, of course, to the Cavalia Farm in Quebec Canada for clinics.
Cues Evolve
The clinic season is well underway - Great Learning, Great community. 
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Cues change and can be changed: visit the JOY Full Horses blog to read this four part article.
Sept. 2, 2016 was LAUNCH DAY for the new German translation of the course.   

To learn more about the translation visit: http://www.clickertrainingpferde.com/online-kurs-1/  

And to watch a video on the course see: https://vimeo.com/181098258  

Even if you don’t speak German, it’s a fun overview of the course content.