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There are eighteen lessons in this DVD series.


In the Microshaping DVD you learned how to be a better visual observer. Now in the Microriding lesson you'll learn how to be a better kinesthetic observer. We'll explore the three circuits that create a grounded, connected, body-aware, energized rider.


The Three Microriding Circuits:


  • The Grounding Circuit

  • The Crown Circuit

  • The Diaphragm Circuit


Learn what these circuits are and how they can be used in riding in this two DVD, four hour lesson. 


This DVD can be watched at any point in the series.  In fact, this lesson is easy to lift out of the clicker training structure in which it evolved to use in other more traditional riding lessons.  If you are taking lessons, you might want to share it with your instructor.  Who knows, you might find it's a great way to introduce people to the rest of clicker training!

This DVD was first produced in March 2009.

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