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There are eighteen lessons in the DVDs series.

This Lesson begins Unit 2 in the "Click That Teaches Lesson Series."  It is intended to accompany the book, "The Click That Teaches: Riding with the Clicker".


The "Why would you leave me?" Game" is one of the key lessons featured in "The Click That Teaches: Riding with the Clicker." Essentially this lesson teaches teaches your horse loose leash leading. It begins by teaching your horse to walk with you on a slack lead - no pulling, forging ahead, or lagging behind. Perfected the lesson takes you straight to lateral work and beautiful liberty training.


When I was first learning about lateral work, some twenty plus years ago, the teaching was not exactly fun for the horses (or the handlers). But I was willing to ask my horse to go through those tough lessons because I was convinced that lateral work was good for him.  It would help him to move better and to remain sounder longer.


Now all these years later I am all the more convinced of the value of lateral work.  I know it contributes to long term soundness. But with clicker training the teaching process has become much easier - and a lot more fun for everyone.  Once you know what to look for, lateral flexions pop out of many of the lessons you've been learning in this lesson series.  It's like the old expression: all roads lead to Rome.  Well in this case all lessons lead to lateral flexions!


In Lesson 2: Ground Manners lateral flexions were introduced via the duct tape lesson.  Now in this DVD I show you how they can be the natural by-product of this simple loose-lead leading exercise.

This DVD was first produced in 2006

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