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There are eighteen DVDs in this lesson series.

Poisoned Cues:


  • What are they?

  • What effect do they have on behavior?

  • What long-term problems do they create?

  • Can you retrain a poisoned Cue?


This much anticipated presentation is an expanded version of the lecture Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz has presented at the Clicker Expo. In conversation with Alexandra Kurland the poisoned cue is discussed both in general terms and then specifically as it applies to horse training.


You can read more about the Poisoned Cue research in my blog:  I've written many posts about it.


Even good trainers can end up accidentally poisoning a training process.  The Poisoned Cue DVD helps you understand what this means.  It shows you how to recognize the "poisoned cue" look, and it also shows the contrast - what we want, happy "ven" animals.  You'll find out what that means in the DVD.

This really is a "must watch" DVD.  We have all experienced the poisoned cue effect.  As you watch the DVD, you will understand what I mean.  Everyone who teaches: every trainer - whatever the species you focus on; every parent; every employer and employee; everyone needs to understand the poisoned cue effect.  Once you understand the dynamic and know what signs to look for to recognize when poisoned cues are impacting your training, you will be able to devise strategies to counteract it's effect.

This DVD was first produced in March 2009

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