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Equiosity: The podcast about all things equine with a special emphasis on the horse-human bond.

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Horse people can make a difference in the climate change crisis. Together we're learning how.

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The Clicker Center Blog: essays relating to my horses, to clicker training in general, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

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Take "equus" and combine that with "curiosity" and you get Equiosity,

the podcast about all things Equine with a special emphasis on the horse human bond.

I'm joined by Dominique Day, one of the co-founders of Cavalia.  We are both endlessly curious about horses.  In the podcasts we share our love of horses and our fascination with training.  

We are often joined by guests who help us explore a wide range of topics.  You never know what rabbit hole we're going to dive down.


As we move into 2022, we have published over 170 episodes.  If you are new to the podcast, you have lots of great listening ahead of you.

Go to to learn more.  You can subscribe to the podcast via your favorite podcast provider.

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Podcast: Horses For Future

Horse People Can Make a Difference


Our horses carry us beyond the paddock gate out to explore the world. They help us appreciate our beautiful planet. 

In this podcast I explore what horse people can do to help in the climate change crisis.  It turns out quite a lot.  The idea is a simple one. 

Horse people have land.  As we learn more about pasture management, we end up with healthier pastures and healthier horses.  That's a win right there. 


Healthier pastures contribute to greater biodiveristy, water management, and they sequester more carbon - so lots more wins. 

I wanted to learn more about what I could do to manage my own fields so I started this podcast.  I'm not the expert, but I talk to people who are.  And I also talk to friends from around the planet to find out what they are doing with their land. 


Come learn with me how horse people can make a difference in the climate change crisis.

To learn more visit: or subscribe to the Horses for Future podcast via your podcast provider.

(Note: in 2021 my avalanche of projects meant something had to give, so I put the production of new episodes on temporary hold.  There are currently 50 episodes for you to listen to.)

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For almost 30 years I have been writing about clicker training, teaching people the nuts and bolts of how to train with positive reinforcement.  The purpose of this blog is not to provide detailed instruction.  For that I will refer you to my books, DVDS, clinics, and on-line courses.

What I share in the blog are essays relating to my horses, to clicker training in general, and anything else that strikes my fancy.

Read about:

  * The Bear Hollow Press Children's Books


  *  "JoyFull Horses: a book I published in the blog 


  *  The Panda Project: the training of the miniature horse I trained to be a guide for her blind owner

   * The saga of the building of the Clicker Center barn - highly recommended for anyone who is thinking of building their own barn

  * The Goat Diaries - a detailed account of the training of my goats

  * Plus many articles on training, learning theory, and my own horses.  



Horses for Future
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