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There are 18 Lessons in the DVD series.


Capture the Saddle: The Mounting Block Lesson teaches great mounting block manners, plus it sets the stage for single-rein riding. 


The DVD is divided into two parts. The first half focuses on the mounting block lesson. Once I got the rider up, I couldn't just leave them there, waiting for the next DVD to come out, so the second half looks at a very basic single-rein riding exercise. You'll see the beginning steps that teach you how to ride on a triangle of the reins. 


Please note: I know many people think they can skip this lesson because they can already get on their horse.  But this lesson isn't just about getting on.  


The Mounting Block Lesson covers many key steps. It begins with an important ground work exercise that prepares the horse for riding.  


It makes sure that your horse understands rein cues and will respond to them before you get on. That's a critical safety step.


It teaches your horse great mounting block manners.  The end result of this lesson is a horse that will bring himself to the mounting block, line himself up and wait patiently while the rider gets on.

Clicker training turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Lots of horses stand quietly at the mounting block. Clicker-trained horses bring themselves to the mounting block and line themselves up for the rider to get on.  


This is so much more than just a fun trick. Our horses love their training sessions. Clicker training makes riding so much fun for everyone - horse and rider alike. So any time one of our horses says "no" to coming over for a ride, we know they are trying to tell us they aren't feeling well. It's time to listen to them. The mounting block lesson gives our horses' a way to be heard. 

That's the first half of the lesson.  The second half introduces you to a basic single-rein riding lesson.  It looks at some of the key skills needed, the details that can make a huge difference to your horse, and it shows you the impact those details have on your horse's balance.  This is an important lesson for building first riding safety, and then great balance.

This DVD was first produced in May 2008

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