Quick Start To Clicker Training

By Alexandra Kurland

Part 1:

Training with Positives - The Clicker Way

What is clicker training?

Clicker training uses a "Yes Answer" signal to tell your horse when he has done something right. It pairs that "Yes Answer" with a reward, so he is encouraged to repeat that good behavior again. Clicker training is a Positive Training method that creates happy, enthusiastic, what-can-I-do-for-you-horses.

Horses are intelligent animals. They are eager to learn and eager to please. This web site will show you how to use their intelligence to create the horse of your dreams.


To create this learning magic we use a small plastic clicker. The clicker makes a distinctive sound when you click it. It tells your horse "Yes, that is what I want you to do", and it promises him a reward for a job well done. The clicker acts like the click of a camera, marking the exact moment he has done what you like.


Note: once your horse understands what the clicker means, you'll switch to a tongue click so your hands are free for other things.

This on-line training guide will help you get started.  

Follow the links below from page to page for a step-by-step introduction to clicker training.

What can you teach with Clicker Training? 
Answer: Anything you want.
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What Does Clicker Training Mean to Me?

This on-line training guide will help you get started. 

Follow the links from page to page for a step-by-step introduction to clicker training.

Getting Started with the Clicker: A Step-By-Step Guide


Contents: ​

  • What does Clicker Training Mean to Me?

  • Step 1: What do you want your horse to do?

  • Step 2: Safety Always Comes First

  • Step 3: Charging the Clicker

  • Step 4: Target Training 

  • Getting Started: Targets

  • Training with Positives - What is clicker training?

  • What you need

  • Putting the Steps in Action

  • Mouthy Horses & Hand Feeding

  • How Long Can I train?

  • Clicker Fundamentals

  • Clicker Solutions 

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