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There are eighteen DVDs in the lesson series plus the Introduction. 

An Introduction To Clicker Training


The first DVD in

This one hour video is a superb introduction to clicker training. In addition to showing you how to introduce your own horse to the clicker, this video shows you how to use the clicker to:

* Work with young foals

* Accept clippers

* Handle aggressive horses

* Safely encounter spooky objects out on the trail

* Work with fearful, timid horses

* Teach great tricks


All this plus the video introduces you to Panda as she is in training to be a guide for the blind.

Give it as a gift.

This video is a great way to share clicker training with all your friends.


People often skip the Introduction to Clicker Training DVD.  They skip ahead into Lesson 1 thinking the two videos cover the same material.  While it is true both DVDs show video of horses having their first clicker sessions, the DVDs do not overlap in their content. I made the Introduction to Clicker Training DVD to give people an overall look at clicker training and to show them all the practical, every day handling applications that it has.


Every time I go back and review this DVD I am reminded about all the great video that is on it.  It's a great DVD to accompany the Step-By-Step Guide in Pictures.  Many of the practical applications are illustrated in this DVD, and I do not return to them in the lesson series.


You'll see how to help horses overcome their fear of clippers and other scary objects.  You'll see how to combine advance and retreat handling techniques with the clicker to work with young foals and fearful horses.  You'll see how to use the clicker out on the trail, especially when you encounter scary "goblins".  You'll see some fun tricks.  And you'll see how to work with aggressive horses.  You'll also see some great footage of Panda's early training as she learns the skills she'll need to be a guide for the blind.


I know budgets can be tight, but my recommendation would be to include this DVD in your clicker library.


Alexandra Kurland


This DVD was first produced in 2002

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