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This site is hosted by  Wix collects data to assist in the tracking and analysis of a sites usage - which pages within a site are viewed.  The WIX privacy policy governs the collection and use of all of that data.  You can visit to read their privacy policy.  In the shopping cart, I also use shopify and paypal to process orders.  None of your billing information comes to me.  I receive the shipping information and your email address.  The data collected when you place an order is governed by the privacy policy of paypal and shopify.  


I personally do not use your data beyond the simple collection of email addresses to add to my contacts list.


When you place an order or contact me via email, your email address is added to my contacts list.  I retain your email address in order to keep you updated from time to time about publications or special events I am involved in.


Your contact details are not used for any other purpose, and I have not and will not share them with any other individual or organization.  


If you do not want to receive my occasional newsletter, you can easily unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

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