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2020 taught me a lot about clinics - mainly they don’t have to be done in person.  I would never have attempted a virtual clinic if not for the pandemic.  The virus pushed me into them - but now that I’ve made the shift, I’ve discovered what a wonderful learning opportunity they are.  

I get to work with you and your horse in YOUR home environment.  No more - “he never does that at home!”  Geography no longer is the impediment that keeps us from working together.  So this year I am going to continue to give virtual clinics.  Once travel becomes safer, I’ll decide what I’m going to do about in-person clinics.  For now all events will be virtual.

Scroll down the page for the Schedule or click on the links below.

             Full Clinic Descriptions
              Clicker Expo
              Science Camp
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In 2020 and 2021 I experimented with different formats to accommodate different time zones.  I "traveled" to Australia, taught in the UK and Europe, dashed off to the west coast - all without leaving my own home.  Zoom is wonderful!  We do live in the age of Star Trek!  We may not have transporters - yet - but we can still get together across huge distances.


The clinics were a great success, but keeping track of all the time shifts was head spinning and exhausting for me. So this year I am experimenting with a different approach.  The clinics will combine self-paced learning with live coaching sessions.  For a full description of these formats visit the Stay At Home Clinics page.

I have designed eight new clinics for this year.  I am still working on the course material so the start times are to be announced. 


The Clicker Expo is January 27-29, 2022.  For the second time the Expo is a virtual event.  I'll be giving several presentations as well as participating in panel discussions.  For one of my presentations I'll be joined by Dr. Michaela Hempen.  We'll be sharing the work she's done on cribbing and cross-over horses.

To learn more visit

Science Camp for "First Time Campers" Feb 17-20 and Saturday Feb 26, 2022

Science Camp for "Experienced Campers" September 2-5 and September 10 2022

To learn more about Science Camp visit the Science Camp page

Clinic Schedule for 2022

This year I will be doing a lot of traveling - via zoom!

I have eight new clinics planned for this year.  The start times, format and pricing will be announced soon.  This is not a marketing ploy.  I am still building the course material.  One thing I have discovered - virtual clinics are a lot more work for me.  I'll be ready soon to provide all the details you need to join me on a connect-the-dots learning adventure. 

To learn more about the course content visit the Clinic Description page

For more information or contact:

Alexandra Kurland

YES! To Virtual Clinics

Here’s what  people saying about the virtual clinics:

"Thank you! Your enthusiasm and passion was infectious.  It’s the middle of the night and I can’t sleep.  Thinking about so many light bulb moments that will help me to make changes to my training.”  Julia Field

"I have attended many in-person clinics ranging from 2 to 5 days.  I honestly think I learned more from this virtual clinic than from any of them.  I puzzle out why, and one reason shines above all others: no distractions! No logistics for travel, overnight stays, strange place, new people, horse concerns. Entire clinic time 100% focused on the material to be shared.  110% of my time and focus on what you were sharing.  Easy to ask questions, and viewing the videos in real time with you was priceless.  It may be remote, but it is face to face and 100% interactive.  I loved it." Wendy King

To learn more about the new Stay At Home Clinics click here

click here.

Some of the beautiful horses I have met in clinics

Svenja and Daryan Screen Shot 2020-12-21

Here's a great clinic before and after. In the top photo this horse consistently stopped all strung out with his weight falling forward onto his forehand.  And look at his handler.  Imagine if she were riding him.  Her  knees are locked and she has an exaggerated C curve in her spine.  Her own balance is not going to get her the riding results she wants.

Compare this to the "after" in the second photo.

Svenja and Daryan Screen Shot 2020-12-21

What a beautiful team!  Her horse has stopped more underneath himself behind.  He's much more engaged and "up hill" in the way he's standing.  Even his expression is more pleasant.

And look at the change in the handler.  She's in beautiful shoulders-over-hips, hips-over-feet balance - exactly what you want for riding.

Ground work IS just riding where you get to stand up.

These changes occurred during a virtual clinic.  I couldn't work directly with her horse.  What is so exciting about these clinics is the handler created them herself.  She knows what she did.   She and her horse own the process.

Given the choice, which horse would you want to ride?  I hope you can see the difference between the two photos and you answered the second horse.

Here's another dramatic example:

Bucket before after with arrows.001.jpeg

The horse and handler on the left are both out of balance.  The handler is twisting to deliver the treat.  And her horse is overbent.  His nose is curling into his chest.  Look at how much of his crest you can see.  He's also leaning onto his left shoulder.

Now look at the same handler just a day later.  She's so much better balanced and so is her horse.

Think of the thousands of times you deliver a treat when you clicker train.  What do you want to normalize in your nervous system?  The more you feed out of balance, the more that's the pattern your body will follow.  It's easy to make a change - once you understand why it's important to do so.

The virtual clinics let us explore so many of the details that really do make a difference.

Some of the beautiful horses I have met in clinics

Michaela and Graya fro science camp.png
Baccaro head down with border.png
Zorro on mat with border.png
horse on mattress.png
Asfaloth beautiful trot.jpg
Stanley on mat.png
spotted horse with ball.png

Come join the fun with your own horse!

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