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Alexandra Kurland
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The Clicker Center
Contact us  kurlanda@crisny.org
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JOY Full
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My new book, JOY Full
Horses, is published in my blog site: theclickercenterblog.com
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The Panda Project: A Guide Horse for the Blind
Read the training journal of Panda's early training.
The Clicker Center has a home! We're building a barn!
Read the saga of our barn building saga.
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Panda needs your help.  
Please click here to read the story.
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Changing forever the way we train horses.
Welcome To The Clicker Center

There is no one image that represents all of clicker training.
Clicker training turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.  It is for every horse, for everyone.
The laughter, the understanding, the joy of horses is I want to share with you through this web site.  

What is clicker training? Simply put, it is communication - clear, positive, horse-friendly.  With the click we're saying "Wow! You got it right!".  It is a "yes! answer" that opens the doors to shared understanding.  

Want to learn more?  
Read on . . .  
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