The Clicker Center Barn

I am often asked if I am going to have clinics at my own barn.  It's a reasonable question.  Why travel when I can hold events in my own barn?  The "events"  that I enjoy at the barn are private trainings - single individuals or small groups of two or three people.  The resident animals - horses and goats - participate in the teaching.  With small groups we can really focus on individual skill building. 

These are private lessons which are scheduled individually to fit my schedule and yours.  If you are interested in setting up a lesson day, email me at:

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What people have been saying about their barn intensives.

Working with the horses and goats at Alex’s farm was a life changing experience. I had so much fun exploring, discussing, and applying positive reinforcement training methods from dawn to dusk with a few pauses to debrief and share simple, delicious meals. We also got to spend time with the famous miniature guide horse, Panda, and her wonderful person, Ann Edie. Four days felt like a lifetime of discoveries and delight. I feel so grateful to have had the chance to grow from this experience.

Thank you, Alex, for sharing your barn. This experience has changed me for good. It has recharged me. It is one of the best experiences I have had in my life.

Giulia Zanone

Thank you so much for the chance to train with you last week.  That was an amazing four days. The amount I learned was stunning.

I just cannot express the impact these last few days have made and the joy of spending time with you! The "Barn Visits" are an incredible addition to the learning process.

Caeli Collins

Recently I had the most incredible opportunity - a dream come true opportunity. I spent 3 1/2 days training and learning with, Alexandra Kurland, her dear friend Ann ( Panda’s person) and a mindful, eloquent, and compassionate dear friend of mine, Guilia Zanone. Not to mention some amazing animals. We walked with the famous team, Ann and Panda, played with Fengur and Robin!! We taught goats to do agility and had phenomenal awareness Feldenkrais sessions. I slept in a barn on the most comfortable bed ever. We rolled out of bed and started training. Robin was the alarm clock! We had nourishing meals and nourishing conversation well past our bedtime.

As a dog trainer by profession, I am always looking for mentors that enrich my knowledge and model good instruction and people skills. Alex has always been that for me. I teach my best classes and do my best training after spending time at a Kurland clinic. But now, bring in the goats!!! What amazing teachers they are. Quick and responsive like dogs, but also wary of their environment like a horse. Goats are the perfect transition between the two species. I learned more about training with the wonderful goat family than I ever thought possible. Goats or not, I highly recommend spending time at Alex’s barn!

Suzanne Kernek

IMG_4410 Suzanne visiting with the goats

If you are interested in scheduling your own Clicker Training Barn Learning Intensive, please contact me at   

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Robin and I look forward to welcoming you to the barn.