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Sequester Carbon

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Taking Action for A Sustainable Planet

Horse People CAN Make a Difference

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Episode 14: Tribalism and The Power of Words Pt 1
I’ve been thinking a lot about language and the role it plays in behavior change. That was the launching point for an afternoon’s conversation with Manda Scott.
Manda surprised me with an unexpected discussion of oxytocin and the role that it plays in creating strong feelings of tribal loyalty. I promise, this is relevant to the discussion of climate change. This week’s podcast explains the connection.
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Horse People CAN Make A Difference

Every day we hear more grim news about climate change - the ice caps are melting faster than expected, sea levels are rising, the oceans are getting hotter, we're in the sixth extinction on a collision course towards disaster.  Everything seems so hopeless.  What can any of us do?

It turns out a lot.  Let's not wait for the corporations and national governments to take action.  Horse people can make a difference. We can sequester carbon!

We can grow healthier pastures, pastures that not only keep our horses healthier but that also sequester carbon.  Taken together we are a community that CAN make a difference.

Think of the green plants in your horse's pasture as tiny solar panels.  The plants create sugars which they send down into their roots.  But they aren't just nourishing themselves.  The sugars are transferred to  fungi and bacteria in exchange for minerals the plants need.

When a pasture is overgrazed, plants can't develop deep root structures.  They don't have enough "solar panels" left to do the work. The fungi and bacteria die off, and the soil deteriorates.

We can turn this around with better pasture management. It's a win-win situation. Our horses become healthier as we are sequestering carbon in our pastures.

Here's how it works:

Fungi and bacteria have carbon-based cell walls .  In the process of building healthier soils we are drawing carbon into the land. If we get the soil biome right, the bacteria and fungi in the soil draw in carbon and use it to build their cell structures.

We have the answers. It's just that we've manage to kick things out of balance so these natural systems aren't working.  But we can bring this back. 

Imagine if everyone who visits this web site made changes to the way they manage their pastures, their lawns, their gardens.  It's simple - stop spraying, increase biodiversity, get the roots down and the minerals up.

It starts with horse people because we have land.  We have the ability to make choices, and we care about our horses.  We want the BEST for them.

For so many years we've been taught that bright green grass, all very neat, all looking the same, is the best for our horses.  But it's not.  We need to increase biodiversity  in our pastures both above and below ground.

Want to learn more?  Listen to this podcast from  It's an interview with Manda Scott, writer and climate crisis activist.

And then join us as we gather the information we need to sequester carbon under our fields and gardens.

For thousands of years horses have been intimately woven into our history.

Riding on their backs, we have spread out over the planet.  We have ridden them to war.  We have used them to pull plows.

Now let us enter into a new relationship with horses, one that takes us in fellowship with them to a healthy planet.

Horse People CAN Make A Difference

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What can you do?

Let me tell you about the resources we are creating for you.  The first is a facebook group - Horses for Future.  This is a gathering place for people who want to make a difference.  It's an open group.  We want to share ideas.  What books, articles, podcasts are each of us finding?  Let's share the information so we can all become great soil farmers and change the world!

What is working for you on your land?  Let's share our successes.  You never know - your solution may spark an idea that helps someone else create a better solution for their own horses and land management. 

So Horses for Future is our gathering point.  Every Monday we'll announce a project for the week.  This will be something everyone can participate in - whether you have your own land, or you board your horses, or maybe you don't even have horses; whether you are six years old or sixty - everyone will be able to participate.

Through the Horses for Future facebook group we can share resources and ideas.  Each Friday we will celebrate our successes.

Horses for Future will be a learning center that we grow together.

We're pairing it with the web site.  There you'll find articles and links to resources that will help make a difference for our horses and for the planet.

Sequester Carbon:

Healthy Soils Produce Healthy Horses and A Healthy Planet

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