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Welcome!  At this point I know you're expecting to find a shopping cart.  I updated this entire site during the spring of 2011.  The shopping cart that came with the new site set up was very difficult to use.  In Dec. of 2011 I changed to a new shopping cart.  I'm hoping this one will be more user friendly.  

Click here to link to the new shopping cart.

If you encounter any problems using the cart, please email me.  I know how annoying it is when a shopping cart doesn't work smoothly, so please let me know if you are having trouble using this one.  

Also, I've always offered discounts for larger orders.  This shopping cart doesn't have the option of offering a discount on the final purchase price.  My solution is to group the DVDs into units.  You can still buy each title individually.  Or you can buy one of the DVD packages and receive a 15% discount.

If the DVD units don't quite have the combinations that you want, and your placing an order of $150 or more, please contact me.  I can help you place the order so you receive the 15% discount.

Many thanks for your order.

Alexandra Kurland

Click here to link to the new shopping cart.